Commercial moving presents far more potential challenges than residential moves. That’s why contracting with our capable and fully licensed commercial movers is a prerequisite for your project. Whether moving a single start-up office or a large call center, time efficiency is an integral part of getting an organization moved and operational in a new location.


Homeland  Moving & Storage strives to be the best choice for your commercial mover needs in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. In appreciation of our loyal customers, we offer regular promotions to help make your move a positive experience. From free moving supplies to special seasonal incentives,Homeland Moving & Storage is committed to client satisfaction and service. Contact your Moving Coordinator for more details. 


 Moving & Storage offers the most practical storage options available in the moving industry today. Our experienced office movers can assist will all storage steps for your commercial move, from coordinating to packing and inventorying your possessions. Homeland offers clients door-to-door delivery of stored items and personalized attention when visiting our facilities.   Storage should never mean “out of sight, out of mind” … and it doesn’t with Homeland Movers!!