Ready to move? From walk-ups to high-rises, and penthouses to street levels, remember these tips for your next residential move: 

  1. Stay organized and plan ahead! 
  2. Keep your valuables safely packed, and your boxed possessions clearly labeled. 
  3. Plan for the unexpected! 

Though moving in and around the City can be nerve-wracking for everyone, particularly Do-It-Yourselfers, it’s a painless process with Homeland Moving & Storage as your residential mover. 

 “Packing Services” Do you need us to pack your items as well? We have you covered! Our Movers will help you pack your items in a Safe Manner to ensure everything is kept save and secure! 

 “Moving Supplies” We will provide you supply’s whether you are planning a move in the New York or Los Angeles area or anywhere in-between! 

 “Storage”  Our Movers will assist you in storing your items for any circumstance! We will help you move items into storage or out of storage! 

 “Local Movers” Our Movers in New York will move you stress free, so you can focus on the joy of your new Home! We will help you move anywhere in the Country! From Locally here in New York to Las Vegas, LA or Clear across the Country! 

 “Military Movers”At  Homeland Movers we help Military Families move all the time and in fact our owner was a member of the military! So let us serve you! We help Military Families all the time Move to New York from other states as well as move out of New York to other Bases! 


Homeland Moving & Storage is committed to being your best choice for a residential mover. In appreciation of our loyal customer base, we feature ongoing promotions to help make your move a positive experience. From offering free moving supplies to seasonal specials, Homeland Moving & Storage strives for complete client satisfaction 

 We help you to save money – Staying on budget is extremely important for when you are looking for discount movers in New York, NJ or CT where we do all we can to keep prices down and save you possibly thousands of dollars.

We will plan your move well

we plan and think thru every detail of your move with your needs in mind. We move your things with care, and treat them as if they were our own. We aim to take the stress away from moving, and your satisfaction is our top priority. 


 If you find yourself in need of extra space, trust Homeland Moving & Storage with your next moving project. Storing precious belongings in the short or long term needn’t be a concern with Homeland. Our spacious and secure facilities will give you peace of mind, and the additional space you require. Whether residential or commercial, your successful move is our primary goal. Let Homeland Moving & Storage company provide you with the ideal storage option. 

 Fully licensed and insured – Right Way Movers is fully licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -US DOT 2956105 MC-001961